Hi, I'm Marcel 

and I like stories. Especially stories about people. Documentaries, biographies, interview-podcasts, photo series. Everything that portrays humans, what moves them and what they live for. 

Especially stories from the world of sports. I think athleticism is the peak of human performance. You can't fake it. You either bring it, or you don't. And if you want to bring your A game you better show up every day. Whenever I follow athletes throughout their day and training with my camera, it feels like a live-documentary. I get to experience first hand the story behind an individuals performance and achievements. And I happen to be fortunate to also tell these stories through my work, so they can be experienced by others. Every visual narrative that I tell this way, I also want to tell myself. 

And that what drives me. 

Clients I've worked with: 
BMW, McFit, Vodafone, DKB, Citroen, Sinalco, Agoge Athletic Club
athletes I've worked with: 
Max Milde, Andre Hoffmann, Mario Götze, Lea Schüller, Marcel Schmelzer, Dennis Aogo
Dobromir Karkoszka, Marcel Parcharidis, Elias Kachunga, Daniel Keita-Ruel, Daniel Ginczek 
mail: info@marcelohm.com
phone: +491722851933
instagram: @weristmarcel