Das Kann Bank - Wind ernten

Shot for Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB)


In this story we follow Thorben Baudewig as he shows us what a typical day for him looks like and why he is so amazed by the wind. 
Thorben works on a farm in northern Germany. While there is some normal farming happening on the Dirkshof, the main thing they harvest these days is quite a bit different from your usual crop: wind. 


Over the last 30 years the land around the Dirkshof became the biggest citizen wind farm in Germany. As technical operations manager wind - that's Thorben's actual job title - he seeks to push renewable energy forward. When he is not busy generating power out of wind or climbing up windmills he also likes to use the wind for fun: Thorben is an avid kite surfer. 

*Kite surf shots, B-Roll and parts of the postproduction done by me.