Me, A Coach 

Work in Progress

Me, A Coach is an ongoing project in which both, Coach Dood and I, find a way to express ourselves. I've been looking to shoot a longer narrative format for quite a long time, telling a persons story more in depth. Dodo has been talking to me about doing a format like this for basically as long as we've known each other. 

In the beginning of 2021 we finally got around to bringing our visions to life. 

In this first film of what is supposed to be a three part series, we dive deep into Dodo's mindset, as this first film is all about Dodo's why. Why does he coach? What does he get out of it? How did he become a coach? This episode is all about Dodo, because to understand what he actually does and how he does it, you first need to understand why he does it.
Therefore this first part of the series focuses on Dodo himself. As we move further down the line with this project, the next parts will venture out into Dodo's surroundings, as we draw the circle bigger and bigger so you will eventually be able to graps what he,
a coach, is all about.